Create-Learning uses a proven process to develop a targeted, measureable solution that best serves your team.

Team Building

Your team will learn about, experience, reflect and practice being a high-functioning team; they will be empowered to create new habits, behaviors, practices and processes that can be used immediately.

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People learn the emotional, organizational, and professional skills to be the leader that people look to as the reason to remain with your organization.

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Organization Development consulting and coaching starts with the belief that systems drive behaviors, and that people within your organization all want to do their best work. Together we will improve the systems, and unleash the capacity of people to do great work and love what they do.

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Solution Finding Stimulus Try the Other Side

We get stuck in the one direction or angle or surface of how we are currently doing things. This stuckness can cause us to push harder on the same thing. When a different, maybe better, result develops from reversing where to seek or initiate action.

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“I met Michael Cardus at a retreat kicking off the Executive MBA program at Rochester University‚Äôs Simon School of Business. In a fast-paced day and a half, he managed to get newly formed teams of students started up and equipped with the tools we will need to establish a successful group process. ”

Frits Kroon
Global Category Girector
Welch Allyn Inc.

“Michael facilitated leadership and team building sessions that were challenging and thought provoking. He was successful in pulling even the most difficult participants into the various activities and discussions while remaining respectful of them and their input.”

Nancy Palumbo
Vice President
People Inc.

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Is create-Learning right for you?

The most effective way to develop your people into High Functioning individuals, leaders, teams and organizations is to work closely with you to determine your organizations strengths, gaps, challenges, personality and objectives.

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