How We Work

Create-Learning believes great teams are built when people create a shared experience together – experiences that have:

  • Specific challenges
  • Significant interaction between team members
  • Surprises and new obstacles
  • Motivating, empathetic, and relevant group facilitation
  • A relationship to work and life, allowing functional tie-backs

Program Format

Each program follows a similar pattern. Teams are provided with content and materials that are relevant to the program objectives. They are then presented with an initiative that will serve as a practical application of the content. Teams are briefed on a set of guidelines for the initiative with immediately measurable results. They are then given limited resources and a set amount of time to plan their action steps. Finally, the facilitator adds unanticipated obstacles – and they are still challenged to be successful – which mirrors a work environment.

During the Create-Learning program team members exhibit the same behaviors as when they are at work. It is in these moments when the team members become their true selves that the opportunity for success and failure becomes evident – and provides relevant material for reflection and learning. Through the Create-Learning processing techniques and the open communication created in the programs, teams create shared memories and beneficial habits that lead to long-term positive results within their workplace, community and life.


Create-Learning facilitators lead processing and reflection sessions after each initiative. The session may include the use of metaphor cards, group drawings, question and answer, small group presentations of learning, personal reflection, and/or the creation of concrete plans regarding how the skills gained will be used in the workplace and lives of the participants.

Create-Learning has demonstrated results using a variety of activities to engage each participant. Individuals and teams learn about the different personalities and skills of their peers through hands-on activities and the highly interactive processing session after each activity. Create-Learning enables the group to take credit and responsibility for their own learning, and gives them tools that can be used immediately in their work environment, communities and home lives.


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