Michael is frequently asked to create pragmatic solutions to address the development of high performance teams, retention of talent, innovation of product and profit streams, interpersonal and intergroup conflict, coaching of leaders, and development of systems to drive positive behaviors and development of skilled knowledge to increase organizational and personal effectiveness. Working primarily with teams and management within these organizations, his role has been to coach, counsel, facilitate and conduct focused group work.


Select Clients:

US Air Force, McDonalds US Headquarters, Tim Hortons Canada, Merck, General Motors, Toyota, US Probation and Pre-Trial Services, Cameron Compression, Cooper Standard, Abbott Labs, Key Bank, M&T Bank, and New York State Office of Mental Health.

He has also worked with academic organizations such as the University of Rochester NY, Simon School of Business, Albany NY Medical College, University at Buffalo School of Social Work, and several community colleges.


Selected Training & Certifications include:

  • Leadership Development Program: Center for Creative Leadership; Greensboro, NC
  • Solution Focused Coaching: University of Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Improvement and Coaching Kata. Building Competitive Advantage with Lean: University of Michigan College of Engineering
  • TRIZ Problem Solving & Innovation: Technical Innovation Center, Worcester, MA
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: BIC Corporation, Charlotte, NC
  • Teachable Moments, Advanced Facilitation: High 5 Adventure, Brattleboro, VT



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