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What makes a team building activity useful?

I like using activities for Team Building and Leadership Development.

Sometimes wondering if they are the best tool to use at the time and what else could be used to get the message and development across? I’ve written about this before:

This video shows the Cycle Time Puzzle used the final day the Managerial-Leadership Development Process … Managers work together to apply the lessons learned and develop a process to assemble the puzzle in the fastest time possible.

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What do you think?

What makes a team building activity useful?

Team Building Leadership Innovation expert Michael Cardus

michael cardus is create-learning


2 thoughts on “What makes a team building activity useful?

  1. I think a well executive team exercise with clear direction is what makes one work. Team building exercises definitely work, I have seen them work first hand. However if it’s not done right it won’t be effective at all.

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