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How Teams Work Influence Strategies

Within teams, in order to complete your tasks, you have to depend upon many people whom you do not have direct authority over to supply you with information needed to complete your work on time, in budget and quality specifications.

7 Questions to Solve Team Problems and Innovate Solutions

The power of coaching questions is that they allow the manager to listen to the response, and really understand how and what the person is thinking.

Complexity of the Work and of the Person Match the two Magic Happens

Figure out what is needed & what success looks like in the role. Only then can you ask the proper questions to find the person to fill that role.
Too many organizations & managers get it wrong. They look for the person, assuming that they will “fit-into” the role or even worse that they have the “potential to grow into the role”.

How do you create a trust-attracting team with 50 people from 3 states?

The easiest way to build a team is to let them be a team. Removing barriers. Leaving people alone to come up with great ideas, plus supplying plenty of snacks.

How Teams Work When Team Members get Difficult

Even on teams that are performing well, one or more members may become disruptive to the team’s progress…or just make being on the team an unpleasant experience.

As team leaders & team members having some techniques and preparation of how to create a system that will ameliorate this will place the team back on the path toward success, while the team member feels respected and part of the team.

2 Steps for Change Understand the Situation Identify Progress

Change and solutions happen through many people making small changes constantly.