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To Do In-Progress Complete–Project Management and Team Building Activity

To-Do : In-Progress : Complete: Target Chart
What is it?
A visual progress chart of team project. The project-team usees post-it notes to write the tasks in succinct language. Then as the work goes from To-Do –> In Progress –> Complete they move the post-it notes as needed.

Solution Finding Stimulus Try the Other Side

We get stuck in the one direction or angle or surface of how we are currently doing things. This stuckness can cause us to push harder on the same thing. When a different, maybe better, result develops from reversing where to seek or initiate action.

Leveraging diversity to find what works and amplify it

I’m giving this talk / workshop in Atlanta Georgia. The client is looking for some academic & pragmatic ways to gather a wide variety of ideas, then create ways to implement the ideas. They are trying to shift the default mode of problem solving away from people who are senior or tenured within the organization.

Is your management Too Small or Big Enough?

We all have, a one time in our careers, had a manger who has less capable or as capable as us. While having a manager who has the same capability may sound nice, it creates tension.

What would cause an adult to desire no autonomy over their work?

A dependent system changes behavior to people who just want to be told what to do, so they can do it. If things go wrong – it is not their fault because they were just doing what they were told. If thing go well – it is not their fault because they were just doing what they were told.

10 Steps to Restore or Improve Trust on a Team

How do you restore or improve trust on a team?
If the trust was lost then it must have been there at some point, even a little bit. The people on the team know what that trust looked like. Perhaps they just need to be reminded of what they did to create that trust in the 1st place.

Business Development Consulting with Emerging Entrepreneurs

Outcomes from the workshop:
Examining business processes to improve results.
Using the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams model to make sense of where your business currently is & who it is attracting. Using the model to determine small steps to move your business forward.

A system that works to drive out fear to attract trust will see growth and financial gains

When an organization is developed & designed for learning. Mangers are “Big Enough”, people work to their full capacity within a system that is actually built upon innovation, autonomy, idea generation, learning teams, & continuous growth. A system that works to drive out fear – to attract trust, we can see rapid growth & financial gains.