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The Organizational Assessment Said we Need Communication Training

For organizational change to work and the assessment that the company just did to be worth the paper it is printed on the Abstract Concepts of the Assessment must be put into practical application of the work. Otherwise you are just exacerbating the problems by causing more problems.

How Teams Work Teamwork Through Consensus or Compromising

Teams often struggle with the differences between a compromise & a consensus style in dealing with conflict on the team. Compromise can usually resolve conflict fairly quickly, but when the issue is very important, holding out for consensus is worth the extra time and effort.

6 Steps to Turn a Problem Into a Solution

Often when we encounter a problem we think we need to discover the “why”. We need to dig and chase and determine just “why we have this problem?”
Chasing the why does not create a solution
Here are 6 steps to turn a problem into a solutions.

Even a nihilistic organization will self-form a hierarchy to accomplish shared work

The belief that we can control, with certainty, the outcomes from defined goals leads to disappointment when the expectation does not match up to reality. This disappointment causes stress. Trust-repelling behaviors infiltrate work systems. These trust-repelling systems change peoples’ behavior.