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Accountability and authority cannot exist in equilibrium – If they do you are in a dieing team

The notion that a team can define accountability & authority means that they know the outcome before it happens & have removed all ambiguity, judgment, innovation & human interaction from the work. That to me sounds like a robot path to disengagement.

Value Propositions and What is Working Narrative Maps

The images and process to frame Value Propositions and create a shared method to capture stories of what’s-working + what’s-not-working.

Making the Decision on how the Team Decides

Managing and working on teams the procedures being used must be known, shared and understood. What are often seen as ‘personality conflicts’ are usually just people with unknown procedures on how to accomplish the work.

Team Building Activity to Innovate the New Year

A process to reflect, share areas of distinction, what is working within the team, small improvements that can be tried tested & learned from, will build upon a strong year while giving some next steps for the team.