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How Teams Work is your data persuasive

Getting buy-in on your team project and task from those who you do not directly manage can prove challenging. Here are 5 areas to check your data against for persuasiveness.

Are personality profiles effective for determining employee competencies?

You are not a psychologist, you are a manager.
Personality factors in individuals are something that every company seems to want to assess and change. There is a false belief that is only reinforced by management “I have these certain personality traits therefore for people to be successful like me, they must also have these traits.”

Team Building and Change Meeting

I was asked to develop a team building activity & facilitate a discussion on useful + not-useful change at an annual meeting.

Employee engagement happens when we change how work gets done–Case Study

Employee engagement attracts-trust when we change how work gets done leading to changes in how people work.
Employee engagement repels-trust when we try to change peoples’ psychology.

How Teams Work Influence Strategies

Within teams, in order to complete your tasks, you have to depend upon many people whom you do not have direct authority over to supply you with information needed to complete your work on time, in budget and quality specifications.