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Finding Solutions What difference will it make to them–Skeleton Keys

When a significant other is part of the complaint shifting perspective to understand how the difference will impact them may cause a shift in pattern. Identifying how the difference will change their reaction allows a focus on external as opposed to internal change.

Facilitation is Your Work Use Your Judgment

What you do in the moment that requires you to make a decision that is based upon your mental processing, the process by which you take information, pick it over, play with it, analyze it, put it together, reorganize it, judge and reason with it, make conclusions, plans and decisions, and take action makes your work as a facilitator valuable.

An Organization designed around people will suck more than design built around tasks

In organizations structured around people change can be difficult. There is a saying that, in such organizations, you can recognize innovators by the arrows in their backs. To make a change requires so many buy-ins, approvals, and arrangements that the innovator simply gives up before even starting.

Thoughts on Succession Planning and Talent Pool Development

Succession planning without defined roles, a company design to attract-trust, key result areas and managers with sufficient capacity to handle to current work, is like pissing in your shoe and using all your budget to buy new socks.