Leadership Development Process Program

Leadership Development Process

“People join organizations;
 People leave bad bosses.”

Create-Learning’s Leadership Development Process is developed, customized, and focused on you and your leaders to ensure the greatest return on investment.

Within the process examples and case studies from your organization are used to train, create, facilitate and increase leadership.
The mix of learning simulations, personality profiles, 360° feedback processes, organizational leadership examples, Leadership Coaching and the knowledge shared by the participants make this leadership program able to supply people with immediate skills, practices and techniques that can be utilized within their teams, organizations, home lives and communities.

Within the Leadership Process people learn the emotional, organizational, and professional skills to be the leader that people look to as the reason to remain with your organization.

Equaling trusted leaders, increased effectiveness of work teams, increased ability to leverage available time and team members’ time, increased retention of team members, utilization and maximization of resources and staffing.

Outcomes to leaders from the Leadership Process;

– Ability to properly implement process and people leadership
– Tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
– When, How to, and why to use tools for the measurement of team effectiveness
– Effective development and placement of people on High Functioning Teams
– How to establish and guide team processes
– Effective skills, and techniques to coach team members
– How to coach and re-focus underperforming team members
– Leaders are able to reflect upon their own behaviors and able to adjust accordingly based upon what team and whom they are leading.

How does it work?

– The process lasts for 6 months
– Leadership Process meetings twice a month
– Leadership Coaching Sessions individually with each person once a month
– Monthly field assignments that are real organizational applications of Leadership
– Each Leadership Process Participant plans, implements, refines, and presents a Leadership Project.
– Creation and utilization of a private invite only website for the Leadership Process Participants to post their field assignment results, share information and best practices, comment on each other’s progress, and to serve as an organizational best practice leadership tool.

Once you are ready to Flourish as a Leader and / or develop an organizational culture of Flourishing Leaders, contact Mike and take action to reach your potential as a Leader!


4 thoughts

  1. Mike,

    Your Leadership Development Process sounds like an excellent application for the creation of not only effective leaders, but effective teams. The holistic approach – including both research and experience as key leader improvement tools – creates a powerful learning environment for everyone involved, and the length of time you devote to the process ensures lasting change. Kudos!

  2. Eriq
    Thank you currently there are 45 people who are involved in the leadership process.
    The area of greatest effectiveness is that the program is focused on personal learning agenda with built in check points (accountability) along the way.
    By developing programs that are focused on the people as leaders and coaching them to develop meaningful goals that focus on strengths, motivation and ROI increase.

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