About the Programs

Each individual is different. Each team is unique. With this in mind, Create-Learning has no “off the shelf” programs; while we use existing processes and models in the creation of our programs you will never repeat the same experience with us.

Results Driven Process in Seven Steps:

Create-Learning uses a proven process to develop a targeted, measurable, solution that best serves your team.

  1. Discovery – Interviews uncover strengths and areas of needed focus to define goals and desired outcomes for the programs.
  2. Success Metrics – before the development of your custom program, we work with you to identify what success will look like. The agenda and the activities are developed specifically to meet your organizational goals.
  3. Custom Program – Together, we design and implement your unique program. The focus tackles your organizational challenges while creating lasting change.
  4. Learning & Application – Guided program discussions transfer the skills and learnings back into your organization.
  5. Action – Action planning maps out specific steps for individuals and teams to be implemented in the workplace.
  6. Participant Accountability – Progress reviews are scheduled to ensure that action plans are implemented as well as to refresh learning and skills.
  7. Our Accountability – Program outcomes are reviewed against the pre-defined success metrics.

• • •

Programs and Services