Leaders need to have access to resources to advance goals and performance standards. A focused and purposeful plan needs to be put into action in order to access these resources and to actualize the potential that leaders possess.

The Create-Learning leadership coaching program develops that plan with you: a plan that moves you from knowing how to succeed to doing and acting on your talents.

This is accomplished through:

  • 1-on-1 Meetings

    Mike meets confidentially with you to discuss your strengths and the challenges you face in your leadership.

  • Field Assignments

    The feedback that is discussed during the 1-to-1 time is used to develop field assignments. You will be asked to practice real time behaviors and then write short reports on the assignments. By developing new skills and building upon existing skills a clear path to improvement is actualized.

  • Meetings with Those Whom You Impact

    Feedback from your team and those who interact with you is important. Mike facilitates private feedback meetings with team members, supervisors, peers and people with whom you interact throughout your day. Speaking with these people accomplishes a sharper focus on areas of success and areas that can build upon your strengths.