The talent pool development and mentor training process aligns individual aspirations and competencies with the company’s current and future needs so that the interests of both can be served. It is designed to increase productivity, create trust, and to foster conditions where each employee is provided the greatest opportunity for creative expression through work performed for the company.

What Is It?

• A process to find individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies (both cognitively and behaviorally) for enhanced performance within the organization
• A mentoring program that will work to ensure high potential staff skill and knowledge development, geared to ensuring the organization’s long term success
• A purposeful path for increased work accountability and authority of the employees identified as high potential; an internal culture of continuous improvement, which occurs through succession planning and continued training and development of the high potential employees

What Are the Outcomes?

• Competency metrics for internal benchmarking of current talent
• Identification of other employees that may contain the same or similar knowledge, level of work, and competencies
• Creation / Enhancement of interview processes to identify candidates
• A focused mentorship program for the employees identified as high potential
• Mentoring and development of others for the chosen mentors
• Coaching for the mentors and their immediate supervisors , and high potential staff
• Integration of the new systems, complementing existing systems for performance appraisals
• Increased efficiency of employees through more effective utilization of all employees
• Decreased dependence on managers to constantly put out fires
• Continuous improvement of the team culture
• Staying power of the new system, with internal subject matter experts and integration of performance support systems

How Will We Measure Progress and Success?

• Co-develop quality checkpoints along the progression of the project
• Periodic presentations and/or reports of progress to the senior management, with recognition that efficiencies in staff management and employee utilization have increased
• Successful identification of candidates for the mentoring and development program
• Successful identification of employees to serve as mentors
• Successful training of the chosen mentors
• High potential staff fully exercising their training and skills sets in their work

What Are We Going to Do?

Phase I

• Benchmark existing talents based upon employee potential and value of the work
• Use this benchmark to determine what skills and competencies are needed to be successful in future management positions
• Identify staff who have the potential capacity to be successful within the roles identified

Phase II

• Identify mentors for the high potential staff
• Co-create a focused mentor development path
• Training in effective mentorship
• Continued coaching of mentors and mentees
• Implement logic based How to Think About the Tasks at Hand model
• Begin developmental planning
• Real-time team work and communication with those being trained and their peers
• Managerial reinforcement of the new training and skills needed
• Development of job aids for mentors and mentees to reinforce the training and development

Phase III

• Training in coaching for the direct managers of the high potential staff
• Rapid PDCA steps for continuous improvement of people and processes
• Utilization of Cascade of Planning plus Autonomy Context Setting at each level of the organization to develop a synchrony of goals and objectives from the CEO to the front lines
• Adjustments in performance appraisals to supply real-time feedback for continued progress in the goals and objectives of the high potential staff
• Internal focus groups to identify what is working well and what needs improvement within the organization
• Focused consulting and training for enhancement of what is working; improving upon the areas of need

Coaching and feedback will be offered on Organization Development areas for enhanced systems and processes internal to the organization and high potential staff. Mike will serve as a resource coach and team development specialist for the group while they are achieving the determined area of improvement.