About the Programs

Together we create high functioning teams where all individuals are committed in word and action to the team: purpose, decision making, expectations, resources and process. Our programs result in increased retention of staff, increased satisfaction with work, increased collaboration and information sharing within and between departments, increased accountability for success and failure, increased knowledge transfer, and increased trust and speed of project completion and decision making as a team.

Outcomes from Create-Learning Team Building:
  • Ability to identify and share leadership
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities between team members
  • Appreciation and understanding of the diversity and strengths that each team member has
  • Ability to define, measure, and take action on goals and objectives
  • A decision making methodology that will work for the team
  • Creation and establishment of ground rules for team interaction
  • Flexibility, so that once maladaptive behaviors occur, the team is prepared to properly adjust, control and evolve while maintaining high trust, collaboration, focus and effectiveness
  • Ability to maximize team time together


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Team Building Programs

  • Team Tune Up

    An interactive team building time that brings the team together and allows people to have fun and learn from each other in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Communication & Collaboration

    A process to shorten time and frustration felt when gathering needed information and data to complete work

  • 7 Steps to High Performing Teams

    A 7-step prescriptive model that illustrates steps and observed work behavior once each step has been accomplished.

  • High Performance Teams

    Develop and hone interpersonal skills that are needed for successful completion of projects and goals, leading to an increase in your value to the team and the organization.


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