Why It’s Important

Teams that are high performing and deliver consistent results come from a purposeful process and method that includes both behaviors and tasks. These align with the goals, values and commitments that are discussed, coached, and evaluated throughout the life span of the team.

This process makes your team better.

What Is It?

  • An evidence-based team performance model that illustrates steps and observed behavior once each step is accomplished
  • Tools and techniques to create and lead resonant, high-performance teams that produce results and profit
  • Methods of increasing retention of talent, decreasing completion time of projects and tasks
  • Leadership methods of honing, using and developing interpersonal and political skills that are needed successful completion of team projects and goals, leading to an increase in your value to the team and organization

Who Is It For?

  • People who lead or work on any team and need teamwork to accomplish shared and individual goals

What Are the Outcomes?

  • How to develop and lead high-performance teams using an evidence-based model
  • Facilitative leadership of teams
  • Effective prevention of and intervention methods for maladaptive team member behaviors
  • Steps to create buy-in for the team projects from people who are outside the team

How much time is needed?

  • Recommended classroom time of 6 hours, with an additional 4 to 6 hours of application coaching and development

What will we do?

  • Use an interactive format combining team building activities and simulations
  • Co-develop a Team Performance Model that is transferable to the team and team success
  • Active discussion, based upon the Team Performance Model
  • Complete action plans to move the team forward
  • Have fun, laugh and build the team using real examples and real work